Exploring Sustainable Finance and Green Loan Programs with HSBC

On June 22nd, Partners in Project Green welcomed HSBC Canada for our final finance focused workshop exploring sustainable investing and green loan programs to move Net-Zero projects forward.

This workshop was highly engaged both online and in-person with participants analyzing various case studies through collaborative knowledge sharing.

This was a great opportunity for PPG Members to connect and discuss different scenarios where financial institutions could offer support through their Sustainable Business programs.

We were pleased to see some participants attend all three Financing Net-Zero workshops and followed up with a couple recurring participants to hear their thoughts on the series.

Here’s what they had to say:

Thank you to Partners in Project Green for hosting a wonderfully informative 3-part seminar with the aim to promote and facilitate climate action by helping organizations work toward their net-zero sustainability goals.  Projects of this size have many facets and require a great deal of planning and resource coordination.  It can be difficult to find answers or support sometimes and we are grateful PPG pooled together a panel of subject matter experts to have open and frank discussions around resources, best practices, and networking opportunities.  I valued the time I spent attending the 3 seminars. 

Matt Pepper, Baka Communications

I enjoyed the engaging discussions with the industry experts in the PPG network. The workshops were a fantastic knowledge exchange platform. The case studies provided the perfect setting to share views and ideas. It was good to learn about the opportunities and challenges, in the energy and green finance sectors. 

Ritika Jain, PAIE

(From Left) PPG’s Energy Performance Coordinator Julia Kole, HSBC Canada’s Director of Sustainable Finance Natasha Shute, HSBC Canada’s Associate Vice President of Sustainable Finance Dana Krechowicz, Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s Public Affairs Coordinator Jeff Law and PPG’s Energy Performance Manager Matt Brunette
Financing Net Zero: Financial Institutions in-person participants