Partners in Project Green Forum 2019

Case Studies in Systems Thinking:
Energy and Water Nexus in Southern Ontario


Water conservation has a proven track record of reducing footprints and the costs of goods sold at industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) facilities. When the scope of such assessments is expanded to also include energy and product conservation, substantial reductions in the loss of energy embedded in ingredients and hot and chilled water can also be realized.

This presentation outlines a streamlined approach for holistic assessment of energy, water and product conservation/waste avoidance. Case studies from award-winning projects are used to illustrate the resulting added and embedded water and energy savings.

Bruce TaylorSPEAKER BIO:

Bruce Taylor

Bruce Taylor is the founder of Enviro-Stewards, an environmental engineering firm that is a Best for the World classified B Corporation, recipient of Global Compact Canada’s SDG Goal award, and the only Canadian company to win a Global SDG award.

The firm’s sustainability engineering projects for Campbell Soup, Southbrook Winery, Andrew Peller, Maple Lodge, Dextran, North York General Hospital, and Tim Hortons have all won national awards. Bruce has also established the award-winning Safe Water Project in South Sudan, which has been highlighted in B the Change magazine and in a TEDx talk.

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Case Studies in Systems Thinking:
Circular Economy in Toronto


In 2016, Toronto City Council approved a Long Term Waste Management Strategy, which includes a commitment to work towards a goal of zero waste and becoming the first circular economy in the province.

This presentation will provide the audience with an overview of the guiding principles, strategic partnerships, and business process innovations helping to accelerate the City of Toronto’s transition to becoming a circular city.

Kamara JeffreySPEAKER BIO:

Kamara Jeffrey
City of Toronto

Kamara Jeffrey is a Senior Project Manager in the Circular Economy and Innovation business unit within the City of Toronto’s Solid Waste Management Services Division.

She currently leads a number of strategic initiatives within the unit, including the implementation of the City of Toronto’s Circular Economy Procurement Framework, which outlines how the City will integrate circular economy principles into its purchasing processes.

Prior to joining the City of Toronto in 2017, Kamara held strategic policy and research positions at the Ontario Public Service, University of Toronto, and the United Nations. Kamara holds a Ph.D. in Intergovernmental Relations from the University of Toronto.


Case Studies in Systems Thinking:
Community Energy Planning in Brampton


Building on the success of its Integrated Energy and Climate Master Plan and on-campus district energy systems, Sheridan partnered with the City of Brampton on development of its Community Energy and Emissions Reduction Plan.

This plan engages stakeholders across the city to provide long-range frameworks to lower energy consumption and carbon emissions by 50% within 20 years, establishing a credible trajectory to 80% carbon reduction by 2050. The overarching plan will drive many second-level investment grade plans, including municipal-scale district energy and widespread building retrofits.

Herb SinnockSPEAKER BIO:

Herbert Sinnock
Sheridan College

As Director – Sustainability at Sheridan, Herb is responsible for implementation of Mission Zero, the institution’s ambitious plan to reduce energy consumption, waste to landfill and greenhouse gas emissions. Prior to joining Sheridan, he was Manager of the Centennial Energy Institute at Centennial College in Scarborough, Ontario.

Herb is an energy engineer with 25 years of experience working in commercial/industrial energy assessment, project management, teaching, and product development. He is a Certified Energy Manager, Certified Measurement & Verification Professional and LEED Green Associate. Herb holds the US Patent for the Distributed Energy Neural Network Integration System, and is a Senior Member of the Association of Energy Engineers and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

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Case Studies in Systems Thinking:
Climate Action in Region of Peel


On October 24, 2019 the Region of Peel Council declared a climate emergency and approved the Region’s Climate Change Master Plan, which includes a corporate greenhouse gas reduction target of 45% below 2010 levels by 2030.

The Plan is comprehensive, containing both mitigation and adaptation actions, and is purposeful towards evolving the climate change narrative: it is not just an environmental issue, it’s about equity and is a socio-economic priority.

This presentation will provide an overview of the Master Plan’s five outcomes, actions and activities that demonstrate how the Region is leading by example, connecting with the broader network of players, and accelerating climate action to transform the Region of Peel into a low carbon and resilient Community for Life.

Christine TuSPEAKER BIO:

Christine Tu,
Regional Municipality of Peel

Christine Tu, M.Sc., is the Director, Office of Climate Change and Energy Management at the Regional Municipality of Peel. Christine is responsible for establishing and enabling the integration of climate change science, strategy, and planning across all Regional services, as well as ensuring delivery of innovative energy management and greenhouse gas emissions reduction programming.

Prior to arriving at the Region, Christine was a Watershed Specialist and Manager of the Ontario Climate Consortium Secretariat at the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority.

With more than 18 years of experience evaluating the complex relationships between land use, sustainability and integrating the realities of climate change impacts in highly urban watersheds, Christine has stepped into her leadership role at the Region of Peel with unwavering clarity that incremental improvements alone are no longer an option, and that deep collective action, across sectors and systems, is vital if municipal resilience is to be everyone’s next reality.